CT Scans

Comprehensive CT scan services for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

CT scan, or a Computerized Tomography scan, uses rotating X-ray machines to take high-resolution images, which are then integrated with a computer to create cross-sectional images. ‚ÄčThese images provide a detailed and non-invasive visual of your pet’s organs, tissues and bones. CT can be thought of as an advanced 3D X-ray machine; a single X-ray is a flat image, while a CT takes a large number of high-resolution X-ray images and then builds a 3D view of your pet. This allows us to see significantly more detail about the inside of your pet’s body.

What happens during a CT?

On the day of your pet’s CT scan, your pet will stay with us for most of the day. You will drop your pet off in the morning after fasting overnight, and the vet will examine your pet and review any blood tests or other relevant lab work. Your pet will be sedated or anesthetized prior to the CT scan to ensure we get the best possible images. A CT uses a large, tubular X-ray that stays in place as the patient is moved through the center of it. Usually, the scan takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what part of the body is being scanned. If contrast is used, the scan will take slightly longer. Once the CT scan is completed, your pet will be monitored and kept comfortable while they wake up from the sedation. We will be in contact when your pet is fully awake and ready to go home.

The images are sent to a radiologist for interpretation. A report will be generated by the radiologist (generally within 24-48 hours). If your primary care veterinarian has referred you to SAVE, the report will be sent back to your primary care vet to discuss with you. If we recommended the CT scan, you will be contacted with the results, and a treatment plan will be discussed.

How do I get an appointment for a CT?

  1. Your primary care veterinarian can refer your pet for a CT scan through our diagnostic referral form. Once you have been referred, we will call you to book the CT scan. Patients will stay in our hospital for the day, and you will be contacted once the scan is completed and your pet is fully awake from the sedative or anesthetic.
  2. If you are admitted through our urgent care department and your pet would benefit from a CT scan, we will form a treatment plan that best suits your pet’s needs. If you approve the treatment plan, your pet will be booked for a CT scan. The date of the appointment will be determined by urgency.

If you have any questions about our CT scan service, please call us at 403-995-3270.

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