At our facility, we have a 16-slice CT scan, which is one of the most complete CT scan images you can have performed for a patient. A CT scan, or a computed tomography scan, works like many other types of diagnostic imaging. It takes highly-concentrated x-rays around the patient’s body which take the slices, or images. A CT scan uses a large, tubular x-ray that stays in place as the patient is moved through the center of it.


The large tube that the patient goes through is also called the gantry, which is what rotates and takes the images inside their body.

These highly-concentrated x-ray images that the gantry takes can be placed on top of each other to form a more detailed image or slice. Taking 16 cross-sectional photos and placing them on top of one another. This not only creates an accurate image of the patient’s organs, tissues, or bones.

Patients are dropped off during the day and anaesthetized for the procedure. The scan is painless.

CT Scan