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Alexandra Bennings, Client Care Specialist

Alexandra Bennings

Client Care Specialist
Opting for a career in the veterinary industry was a deliberate choice for me, presenting a distinctive chance to engage with both animals and people.

Having recently relocated from Toronto, Ontario, to Alberta, I am presently pursuing studies in Health Sciences at Thompson Rivers University.

Working with our remarkable team of support staff, management, and medical professionals is truly fulfilling. Their consistent positivity, compassionate care, and extensive knowledge collectively make the experience of working in this industry highly rewarding.
I had to make the devastating decision a few days ago to let my pup go to the rainbow bridge…

Connie Rogers

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Logan Cox

So thankful for all of the staff at SAVE. They were absolutely amazing treating my dog. Arianna was extremely thorough…

Alana Gray

Took our dog in at 2:30 am. She hasn't been eating or drinking and hasn't pooped or peed.…

Doug Brook